Management of the call

The medical director logistic and medical expertise.

The call is received by one of our four expert medical directors, who will provide from the first contact a senior input to ensure the mission starts in the right direction. With extensive expertise in the medical assistance field (varying from 16 years to 35 years of experience in medical transport) our Medical Director (MD) on duty 24/365 will enrich the mission with his medical and logistical expertise. Every year the 4 Medical Directors regulate and coordinate nearly 10,000 files of assistance and 1500 medical transports case. The MD will validate that the mean of transport is adequate, the patient is fit to fly / fit to be transported and he will select the medical escort with the appropriate skills and experience to perform the mission. He then organizes the mission and validates the plan of action.

The Medical Director is on duty for 24 hours to ensure continuity of the case management and quality of service. A one to one handover takes place every day in the morning going through all cases to ensure seamless case directions.  They provide medical regulation both on a technical (logistical) and medical level. They guarantee complete privacy in terms of medical confidentiality, and also protect the privacy of the information shared between the Medical assistance company and Med Eva.

With our Medical Directors extensive experience in medical transport and medical coordination of patient transport cases,  they will provide guidance and support to the escorts in terms of briefing before the mission starts, supporting the medical escort remotely during the mission and obtaining a full debrief after the mission.